Download B612 selfie

camera b612When we talk about b612 selfie, we refer to an application that very quickly became the favorite of many people, it is incredible but managed to unseat Retrica, which was considered as the best for selfies, and remained so for a long time, but now the time has come to enjoy all the features offered by the selfie B612 application.

You can carry out the process of Download B612 selfie on your Android phone or other mobile systems, but as soon as you have it on your mobile device, you will notice that it is quite simple, and has many functions that make it more interesting than Which we will mention below the most prominent.

Functions that make b612 selfie the best

– You have the opportunity to do the creation of films that last for 3 seconds, thanks to all the filters available, this is very similar to what we offer “Vine”

– The number of filters you have, is almost 80 which can be changed just live, in this way we can try until we find just the one we need.

– If you do not know which of the filters to use, the Download B612 selfie you can authorize the application to apply one at random.

– Thanks to the use of vignettes, all your photographs can have a more realistic touch.

– If you only want to focus a part on the pictures, you have an effect called “Diorama” available, this allows us to blur the photos.

– If you have pictures that you like, but do not have an indicated tone of light, you can make all kinds of compositions until you find the ideal.

– Thanks to the muffler, nobody will know that you are taking photos.

– All of your b612 selfie creations can be shared automatically through popular social networks.

To mention a very important fact about b612 selfie, we can tell you that those who have carried out the development of such a splendid application, are the same ones that have been in charge of creating LINE, an application that makes it strong competition to WhatsApp, which means that we are dealing with an application created by people of experience, which will be kept up to date.

Download B612 selfie is a very easy process to carry out, all depending on the mobile platform you have on your phone.

B612 selfie download

Simply enter the official application store on your mobile device, then go to the browser and type “B612”, you will immediately be thrown the results where you have to make the choice of the first one and then press the button that will allow us to install the app.

After it is downloaded, it will be installed automatically and you can open it in the main menu of your mobile. This app will make you fall in love with selfies, and never think about using another app again. Enjoy b612 selfie without having to make any kind of payment.