When it comes to mobile devices with Android operating system, we face the most possibilities to install applications that we could find, and is that most mobile phones have Android, a reason that inspires application developers to make new Day after day, especially when we talk about the area of ​​photography.

Many are the applications that allow us to take the “perfect selfie”, but the truth is that few of them fulfill this tremendous task, and here we have one that if it fulfills what it promises and it is b612 for Android.

An application designed for self-lovers

It has been specially designed for this purpose, it also includes a large number of filters that we can apply very easily to all the images we take, and everything is done immediately and live, before we make the decision to share our Photos to others through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of our social networks that we use most.

The totality of filters that have b612 is around 50, however, all this varies as the application is updated. Just slide your finger a little to make the choice of our preferred filter, everything is done directly when taking a selfie, and is chosen at the bottom of the screen, the effect will show us a small preview before being Presented. Above the screen you can make use of random filters, another of the best advantages of b612 for Android.


But not all filters and nothing else, apart from that we have the option to do the creation of mosaics with b612 for Android, this means that we will not only take the typical photo of our face, but we can mix in a kind of painting, Up to nine photos, or we can also make compositions with only two or three photos.

And like the aforementioned, we have a lot of tools to use thanks to B612, among them we can mention the timer, this allows us the option of being able to do remote selfies, and many more things that make b612 become The perfect application to download in our mobile with Android, although it is also worth mentioning that the application is available for other platforms of the most popular.

Download b612 for Android

camera b612The application can be found directly in the official Android store, that is, you must enter the “Play Store” and then locate the browser, type “b612” and choose the first result that appears. Proceed to press “install” and the application will begin to download and then install.

It’s worth using b612 in our Android, especially when we have one of those mobile phones that have an excellent camera. Let’s take advantage of our selfies and make them more appealing every day with applications like b612, which offer us great advantages.