Nowadays, there are many types of mobile devices that people use for all sorts of things, we have cell phones but also Tablets have gradually become something of great importance. They are more comfortable to use for applications, and come with excellent features that other devices do not have.

Its size makes us want to use them for games, photographs, etc. and this is where high quality applications play their important role. For example, many of them have a good front and back camera, and this makes photo apps to our liking.

Meet b612 in Tablet version

If you thought that the popular application to improve selfish “B612”, could only be used in cell phones, as you are completely wrong, since the application can also be enjoyed through a Tablet, since it is fully optimized for this purpose, and your experience with it will be even better. The large screen of the Tablet will help you to use all the effects and filters that b612 offers more clearly, you can easily apply them and then share your unique creations on your favorite social networks.

B612 for Tablet, offers you options that no other application has, remember that it was created by those who developed LINE, we are talking about the instant messaging application that makes it directly competition to WhatsApp, this means that they are professionals the ones behind this application.

You can find plenty of filters to apply just the moment you take a selfie with the front camera of your Tablet. You also have alternatives to create mosaics, where you can make use of several of your photos to create a single, and then apply the same filters you want.

b612 selfie camera

Another very attractive option offered by this application is to be able to select a filter at random, that is, to allow b612 for Tablet to make the choice of a filter of your convenience, if you do not like it, you can also change it for another Well until you find your favorite, or make the manual selection of a filter.

B612 will take all the juice to the camera of your Tablet, that you can have it for sure, and then you will want to spend only using this excellent application to take all the selfies you want.

When you finish creating a selfie, you can choose one of your favorite social networks to share immediately.

Downloaded B612 for Tablet

camera b612The app is downloaded for free, you do not have to pay anything for it and you find it in the app store Google Play Store, App Store or Windows Store, everything depending on the system you have on your Tablet.

There is no doubt that b612 for Tablet offers you more than you imagine, is an application that today is the most popular for taking selfies, and to share photos on social networks, do not fall behind and start using it.