We do not know what we have to find in an application to consider as “essential”, but perhaps you’ve already heard that saying that “essential is invisible to the eyes,” find an application of this level for a phone that has Windows Phone, is very difficult but not impossible. If we are lovers of photography, then we have a very easy answer, perhaps many still do not know an application as good as “b612 for Windows Phone“, but here we are to talk a little more about it.

Advantages of B612

If you are one of those who love to take selfies, surely you worry because each of the images you can take have more life than ever before, because here you have the opportunity with b612 for Windows Phone, to make creations that show you in Several harmonies of light. You can take your time and visualize all the inherent beauty.

Here we are going to mention some of the best features that the B612 application offers for your phone that has the Microsoft operating system.

Imagine that the amount of B612 filters reaches over 78, not counting the so-called “random filters”, which allow you to create a selfie with an effect chosen by B612, of course it is not mandatory to use it and if you do not like tests Again and choose another. Very easy indeed, because that’s how B612 is, it does not get complicated and it makes you incredible creations. By using random filters, it is said that “destination” chooses the best for your selfie, but in reality, it is the powerful B612 application and its various alternatives.

If you are one of those people that goes anywhere and goes to take photos, surely you do not want others to know that you are taking many selfies, because B612 for Windows Phone has a silent mode, with which you will not need to mute Your phone to avoid the noise of the capture of the photograph, you can take all the selfies you want and do not worry that nobody else you will find out.

With b612, you also have the option of creating all kinds of compositions, you can place many smiles and put them together in one photo, compositions from 2 to 9 photos can be created without much effort. Let b612 take care of everything.

There is also a timer option that will help you choose the number of seconds you want to take before taking the picture.

Another very good option is that immediately after taking a selfie, you can share it on your favorite social networks, all within the B612 application.

Find it on the Microsoft Store

Just look for the b612 application in the Microsoft or Windows Store on your mobile, and immediately you can download to start using it. Remember that for greater profit you must use a mobile phone that has a good front camera, that is, for the creation of selfies. B612 will take care of all the rest.